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Rooted in efficiency for both it's travel and setup,  since 2010 Thunder Stone Inc. has maintained a solid reputation for providing reliable service at modest rates.  By treating every job with the same amount of earnestness, we strive at bringing a professional and friendly demeanor to each signing, regardless of size, document(s) or environment.

We provide POA's, advance directives, deeds and a variety of other forms customary to California.  

If you have your own documents, and still aren't sure what needs to be notarized, just let us know and we'll do our best to guide you.  We always keep spare acknowledgements and jurats on our person for certain out of state documents or when necessary for errors made during the singing process.

If your loved one is in a hospital, nursing home or any other type of skilled medical facility, and needs to have a document notarized, please try an provide us with any specific details necessary to the setting ahead of time to ensure we're prepared. 

Our number one objective is to make sure the signer feels comfortable. Wherever a notarization takes place,  we try to get in and out  with as little disturbance as possible. Forms of payment include credit or debit card,  cash or check.  Same day service is generally available, but not always guaranteed.

We provide a 24/7  service for inmates incarcerated in any California Department of Corrections facility (Jail) to execute notary or courier services.  Notaries are not limited to regular visiting days and time. For more info on jails or apostilles, you can contact us or the facility your family or friend is incarcerated at.

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