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Jurupa Valley is rich in history dating back hundreds of years. “Jurupa” in Jurupa Valley derives its name from the first inhabitants of the area, Native Americans who called “Jurupa” their home. The Jurupa Valley area lies at the territorial boundaries of two different Tribes, the Gabrielino Tribe and the Serrano Tribe. Over the years, there have been various interpretations of the meaning of “Jurupa”, from a greeting meaning “peace and friendship” to the first padre to visit the area, to a more widely recognized origination that “Jurupa” refers to the California Sagebrush common to the area. In 1838 the area became known as Rancho Jurupa under a land grant to Senõr Don Juan Bandini by the Mexican government. By the late 1800’s the Jurupa Valley area began to live in the shadow of the more popular City of Riverside. Much of Jurupa Valley area has what once was a Riverside mailing address. Yet, settlement of the area in and around what is now the City of Riverside actually began in the Jurupa Valley many years before Riverside’s founding.

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