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San Bernardino is a town in Southern California flooded with history and culture. Influences of Native Americans, Latino settlers, Spanish conquistadors and Mormon pilgrims am can still be seen throughout the city today. From the day in 1810 when Franciscan missionary Father Dumetz named the area San Bernardino to the present, San Bernardino – nestled south of the San Bernardino Mountains and west of the lower desert – has been recognized for its scenic beauty and strategic location. Today, the City of San Bernardino serves as the county seat and is the largest city in the County of San Bernardino with a population of over 215,000.

Janet Paleno, Notary Public serves San Bernardino, CA.

Contact: (909) 293 2273


Thunderstone Mobile Notary has performed 9,291 notarizations in areas designated San Bernardino, CA.

Updated: 10/04/2022

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